7 - 9 w LED rainproof full color wall washer

Led wall washing lamp df-lw07-3in1-ip optical parameters light source;:7 x RGB 3in1 LEDs Beam angle: 23 ° Flood angle: 36 ° Brightness: 3M distance 680 Luxled wall washing lamp df-lw07-3in1-ip effect  colour mixture:RGB 3in1 Dimming: 4 kinds of dimming curves L

  • Brand: 多芬 DoveFen
  • Model: DF-LW07-3IN1-IP
  • Type: LED rainproof full color wall washer
  • Work and power: 100W


Light source: Tianxin 7 9W RGB 3in1 high brightness LEDs

Light output angle: 8 °/15 °/25 °/45 ° (optional)


Channel mode: 3/7 channel

Control mode: DMX512, RDM, manual, master-slave, voice control, self-propelled program


Display: electronic display

Signal input/output: hand-in-hand connection

Power socket: hand-in-hand connection

Protection class: IP65

Main features

0-100% linear dimming

Split design, full cast aluminum body, temperature protection

Safe and reliable; Unique optical system design, uniform color spot effect

Ultra high frequency (64KHz) dimming technology, no flicker

Ultra-high temperature automatic protection

Shell material: aluminum profile + surface oxidation treatment

High strength tempered glass, high transmittance, high temperature resistance, good impact resistance, not easy to atomize, can resist UV radiation

The product has fast response speed, high shock resistance, high impact resistance, good heat dissipation and high protection grade.

Long service life, no radiation, high efficiency, energy saving, low energy consumption, real green products

Working temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃

Physical parameters

Input power: AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 70 W

Product size: 1160 * 155 * 150MM

Product net weight: 9 KG

Quality inspection report, compulsory certification required by national industry, CE, ROHS, LVD, EMC and other inspection reports are attached