380W Beam Spot Wash 3in1 Stage Light M380 BSW

380W computer shaking head beam pattern dyeing light m380 BSW specification parameters adopt Philips 380W light source; Color temperature: 7800k; Zoom angle: 2 ° ~ 15 ° (beam mode), 10 ° ~ 34 ° (pattern mode), 9 ° ~ 33 ° (dyeing mode); Luminous flux: 6500lm (10m distance); Channel mode: 15 / 18 / 20 channel control mode: DMX512, RDM, manual, master-slave, voice control, self-propelled program

  • Brand: 多芬 DoveFen
  • Model: DF-M380 BSW
  • Type: Moving Head Light
  • Work and power: 380W


Light source: PHILIPS MSD SILVER 380

Color temperature: 7800 K

Zoom angle: 2 ° ~ 15 ° (beam mode) 10 ° ~ 34 ° (pattern mode) 9 ° ~ 33 ° (dye mode)

Luminous flux: 6500lm (10m distance)


Channel mode: 15/18/20 channel

Control modes: DMX512, RDM, Art-net Ethernet lighting control protocol and wireless DMX512 control (optional)


Display: TFT LCD

Signal input/output: three-core Canon holder

Power outlet: PowerCon input

Protection class: IP20, optional rain cover, rain protection class up to IP44


X-axis/Y-axis: 540 °/270 °

Precision: 16 bit precision scanning

Correction: automatic correction of X-axis/Y-axis position

Main features

By connecting the RDM controller of the international standard with the DMX signal line of the lamp, the RDM controller can be used to read the function information of the connected lamp, and the address code, function setting and other function setting of any lamp can be changed in series, thus achieving convenience and flexibility in use. Support for software upgrades via external DMX signal port

Color plate: 13 fixed colors + white, two-way rainbow effect

Fixed pattern plate: 13 fixed patterns + white

Rotating pattern plate: 9 rotating patterns + white

Prisms: 8 and 16 prisms as standard (optional 8 + row or gradient mirrors)

The definition can be adjusted at any distance of 1-15 meters.

Focusing: electronic linear focusing

Strobe: multiple strobe effects (1-20Hz)

Dimming: 0.3-25 times/s linear dimming

Adjustable horizontal and vertical speed

Display the service time of lamps and bulbs

Modular construction for ease of maintenance

The DMX512 signal can be adjusted by 5V

Enclosure and protection grade: high temperature resistant engineering plastic

Physical parameters

Input power: AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 600W

Product size: 390x340x670 mm

Product net weight: 26.5KG The product is attached with quality test report, compulsory certification required by the national industry, CE, ROHS, LVD, EMC and other test reports.

380W电脑摇头光束图案染色灯M380 BSW图案与颜色

380W电脑摇头光束图案染色灯M380 BSW照度关系图